Music at the Heart

One Love Camp  2021

Community building is key to the One Love model, and One Love Youth Camp youth have ended up valuing this the most. Identifying One Love  Camp as a lifeline to ‘their home-away-from-home’. Because of this, and considering the particularly difficult times teenagers and adult learners have been facing during the pandemic, we felt it was critical to be present and provide continuity for them this summer.

Every year, the camp adopts the theme surrounding the practical recognition and legacy of the honorable Bob Marley. This year more than ever, we wanted youth specially to leave our program energized and empowered, and the involved volunteer mentors take the transformative One Love approach with them into their work with other young people. The 2021 Reunion was to help maintain this important One Love community and create needed survival skills, interaction, fun, belonging and hope under the  theme of  survival.

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