The Eira Scrader Home for the Aged Video

The Bob Marley Foundation’s ‘Marley Social Welfare Support Program’, has for some time provided financial support to pay staff and care-givers at the Eira Schader Home for the Aged. The Foundation is presently spearheading a drive to improve the Home.

The goal is to create a more comfortable and secure living environment for the residents and to enable the Home to accommodate and to serve more of our senior citizens, who are in need of this special kind of care.

The Bob Marley Foundation invites you to join the drive to uplift and upgrade the Eira Schader Home living space and to do your part in providing a better quality of life for the elderly men and women who have found a real ‘home’ there.

To be a part of the ‘Uplift and Upgrade the Eira Schader Home Drive’, please contact the Bob Marley Foundation by calling (876) 630-1588 or by email, or